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About MiniXML

MiniXML provides two completely independant implementations, 100% PHP or 100% Perl, and is designed to be flexible and easy to play with. It is curently being used in shiphp (to be released soon) to speak XML to the UPS, Canada Post and USPS rate servers, XML::Mini is used in the upcomming version of the VOCP voice messaging system to store box configuration and message metadata.

It has been tested on servers running PHP 4 and Perl 5.

About The Author

MiniXML was created by Pat Deegan using the resources of the good folks at psychogenic.com

If you would like some help integrating MiniXML into your application, are looking for additional functionality or have made modifications to MiniXML, don't hesitate to let us know.

Some of our other projects include shiphp (a shipping rates API that queries institutions like UPS, USPS and Canada Post for rates) , RUST (a graphical RPM creation program and 'sandboxing' toolkit), VOCP (a complete voice messaging solution, featuring unlimited voicemail boxes, email pagers and DTMF command shells) and the Moxy mail proxy .

About The Website

This site was designed and integrated by H Poirier. Many thanks go out to the sourceforge crew , where the project is being hosted.




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